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28 Feb 2018 . tech . I am back at blogging! Comments

I am back! Hopefully, this time I can keep it with more interesting blogs.

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I am a geek interested in pretty much anything related to computers.

  • I came from the country where Internet was extremely limited back then so most of the stuff I learned was through self-learning.
  • I first touched a computer when I was 15. It was a 386. I was hooked since then.
  • My parent paid nearly a thousand bucks for my first computer (a 486 DX). I was exteremely grateful. I spent almost 12 hours a day on it.
  • I wrote my first AI chess program in Pascal after a few months I had my computer. It managed to beat my friend in one game that he later disclaimed that he was drunk :-).
  • My first time discovered event-based programming by myself was super exciting. Remember back then Pascal didn’t have any notion of multithreading. So I pretty much had to multiplex routines in a single-threaded program. I wrote a bunch of multi-player games like Tetris, Bomberman.
  • I hacked into the intranet of my highschool and droppped a keylogger there. I just wanted to hide my games in the server hard disk :D. It was later discovered by the admin and he was super pissed. Nothing happened though.
  • I wrote my first Virus in Assembly when I was 16. I learned this through a book that my friend’s relative brought from overseas. The virus hides itself in MS-DOS EXE and gets replicated whenever that file is executed. It occasionally erases a few letters in the text screen.
  • I wrote the entire bulletin board program for my HS class in raw Javascript with no fancy AJAX or libs.
  • My HS was also the place where I hooked up with algorithms.
  • I worked part-time for a startup when I was in college. I was responsible for anti-crack module in their software. That was when I learned IDA and stuff.
  • College went fast with a lot of projects. I was very interested in network programming. We wrote a aircraft shooting games that can be played over intranet.
  • US was the place that made me realize all that I self-learned in the past was pretty much standard :-). There was a lot more exicting stuff out there. Ph.D. went fast, mostly academic stuff ( I learned a lot.
  • I landed a job at Google in 2010 working on G+ (before it was launched), then to YouTube ASR team and Google Docs in Sydney.
  • I joined Tetration (a security startup later aquired by Cisco) in 2015 till 2021.
  • I am now at Netflix working on some exiciting projects in Big Data Platform.


Drop me an email if you are interested in me coding for you or saving your neighborhood!